Important Return Information:

  • Once an RMA is received by our Repairs Department, an actual RMA number will be generated (per the included RMA form). The RMA number will be sent to the email address provided on the form for verification of receipt.
  • To ensure that RMAs are handled in the timeliest manner possible, Otis Instruments requires that the RMA form be filled out in its entirety and placed in the box when shipped.

**RMAs containing no form (or a partially completed form) will be returned COD (unrepaired).**

RMA Notes:

  • To expedite returns, all RMAs will be treated as quick-return (non board component related) swaps. Otis Instruments will no longer be replacing board level components (e.g., Magnetic Switches, Resistors, Capacitors, Relays, etc.).
  • There will be a minimum one hour labor/diagnostic fee attached to every non-warranty RMA sent in for repair.
  • There will be no charge for repairs that are covered by Otis Instruments' Product Warranty. To view our Warranty Statement, click HERE.
  • All repairs that are not covered by Otis Instruments' Product Warranty will result in a charge of: List Cost minus Dealer/Distributor % Discount.

Please contact an Otis Instruments Service Department Representative with any questions.

Service Department Phone: 979.776.7700

Service Department Email: service@otisinstruments.com